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upper 50s to about 60s for the afternoon highs, noticeably cooler than yesterday. but it should be a nice day with lots of sunshine. there's the satellite picture. you can see the mid-atlantic nice and quiet, lots of sunshine across the region. of course yesterday we had the low clouds and the fog. we're not dealing with that this morning. high pressure ll keep us nice and dry today. if you're headed out to the nationals game later this afternoon, definitely a jacket or sweater, it's going to feel cool out there, particularly in the shade as the temperatures will fall back into the low 50s i think by the end of the game. so cool temperatures expected around here later. and we're cool right now. temperature at reagan national 50 degrees, dulles 48, at bwi marshall 49 degrees. here's your forecast for your thursday and generally a good one, although it will feel like the middle of october out there with highs in the upper 50s to about 62 in washington. 59 quantico and 56 in hagerstown. more details on the weather and we'll take a look at the weekend, allison, in just a minute. back upstairs to you. a deadly fire in northeast baltimore tops our stories this
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morning. a grandmother and four children were killed when flames broke out around 2:00 this morning. we're told the youngest victim about a year old. fire crews say one person jumped from a window. that person and two firefighters were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. a florida construction worker trapped for hours in rubble is now getting medical treatment. it took crews 13 hours in fact to pull him to safety after a parking garage collapsed at miami-dade college. two workers were killed, eight others hurt. crews are still looking for a worker who was missing inside. allison, new this morning, in the middle east a shooting at american embassy. a masked gunman assassinated a top security official in yemen's capital of sanaa. no americans were hurt in the drive-by shooting, but the victim worked as the chief of security at the embassy. yemeni investigators say it's too early to say if al-qaida planned the shooting. a serial groper in northern virginia is believed to have struck again. here is a sketch of that
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suspect. the latest incident involves a 25-year-old woman who says she was groped from ehind while walking near the commerce street bus stop in the springfield area. this happened about a month ago, but police say it is the sixth case that they are now investigating. what killed the tiny panda cub? we should find out the answer in less than an hour. the national zoo is expected to reveal the cause of death at 10:00 this morning. the cub, believed to be a female, died six days after it was born last mont also this morning zoo officials will let everyone know how the cub's mom, majang is doing. she has slowly been returning to her normal activities. oh, man, a tough loss for nats and the fans as the team returns home to be shut out by the cardinals >> yeah. but the good news is it's not over yet. >> that's right. >> we can't give up. dave ross is back here with a look at what happened and a look ahead as well. >> like jim belushi in "animal
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house." it's not over yet hopefully we can play that music a little bit longer because we don't want this season to come to an end. make no mistake about it, the nats had the best record of the season with 98 wins, but that team did include steven straussburg. we talkd about it last hour with craig heist. this is not the exactly team that played in the regular season. everybody gets moved up one spot without straussburg and he got lit up in the first two innings by the cardinals here. alan craig driving in that run in the 1st, and you couldn't get situated in your press box seat and you're already down 1- 0. there goes a three-run home run and it's 4-0. boy, two innings in and you're going, wow, how can you come back. well, they just couldn't get the key hits they needed. morris had the best opportunity here in the 5th with the bases juiced. but it's a lazy fly ball to the right and that was just kind of the way the day went. they lose 8-0. the disheartening part is they've
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really been outplayed in two straight games, 12-4 and now 8- 0. it's not like these two games have been very close. we're hoping today out of detweiler, the left hander, he's on at 4:00. a big if, if you can get this one, you have your ace in waiting in geo gonzalez tomorrow. you throw everybody you have today, if he struggles early, he will empty the bullpen so we can get to geo in game five. that's the hope. also just an incredible scene last night in the boogie down as they know in bronx, new york. here's what happened, it looks like the orioles were primed to take a 2-1 lead in this best-of- five series. buck showalter who used to manage the yankees. manny machado, the rookie goes long here. the o's have a 2-1 lead in the 9th inning with one out and their closer who had 51 saves in the regular season, they pull out alex rodriguez, a hall of famer to beat and put in
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roulibanez and they tie it up in the 9th. there's a-rod going crazy. but ibanez wasn't done in the 12th. this is an upper deck shot. he sets baseball history by becoming the first player ever in the history of post-season baseball to come off of the bench and hit two home runs in a game. this stuff just doesn't happen, people. >> what did they know that we didn't know? >> right? put them in that spot for alex rodriguez and they're goingy in the bronx. the o's obviously stunned so they have their proverbial backs to the wall, try to get the equalizer. how you come back from that one i don't know, but the o's and nats are in the same boat, it's win or go home and we don't want either series or season to end. really hoping our nats get it done today because they would have that fifth game right back here at nats park. we would like to see this city jumping like they were jumping in new york city. come on being people! we almost knocked over the set. >> thank you very much,
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appreciate it, dave. the nats did have a winner, teddy the mascot won the president's race yesterday for the second time in a row. i've already heard people say maybe he shouldn't win anymore. it's crazy. >> he's a jinx. >> no. >> he won his first race in more than 500 tries on the final day of the regular season, that's what you're seeing there. no doubt many fans will be pulling for teddy to make three in a row during today's game. >> come on, teddy. >> you can do it. fans will also be battling the crowds in the streets and on metro. fox 5's melanie aldwick is live at nats park with more on that side of the story. and, mel, earlier bob mccartney with the post said it was one of the great things about the game, not much to cheer about in the game, but metro went off withoua hitch getting all those folks home after the game. >>reporter: oh, absolutely, allison. i think that was the bright spot. i gotta say, though, here at nationals park this morning, it looks like they are getting ready for another celebration perhaps at game park. you can see the balloons are
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out, the sun is coming up over center field. over here the ladies are washing the windows and getting everything nice and ready for the crowds today. we even do have some fans already in line trying to get those standing-room-only tickets, although i'm not sure what it says about the optimism here that the media is about 50/50 with the number of fans here. the box office is going to open at 10:00 this morning to sell some of those standing-room- only seats. yesterday a capacity crowd, 45,017, 100% capacity, as you said, most people heeded the advice to use the rails to get here, basically saying this is the best way to do it. and yesterday definitely they could have run into some problems because it was crunch time. that game was getting out yesterday just as the height of rush hour was gettig under after the game we had tens of thousands of nationals fans, they were disappointed, pu they still -- but they still went through the gates of the metro without problems. extra police and supervisors were on the platforms to keep
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things running smoothly. despite the crowd and the long waits to get on a train, most customers were happy they decided to take metro. >> oh, absolutely. i left from work early today and i got here no problem. it makes a lot more sense than driving. >>reporter: were you prepared for it to be like this? >> absolutely. every time we come to a game we use metro >>reporter: and it's often like this at the end? >> absolutely. i don't have to get anywhere right away, so it's okay. >> kind of helps me get over what happened in there. >>reporter: now today's game there should be a little bit of a letup there because it starts at 4:07, so they expect that it's not going to let out until after 7:00 when the bulk of rush hour is over. still, metro is advising anyone who plans on taking the trains down here to make sure they pay for their fares here and back, all up front, to have those fares ready to go so that they don't have to wait in any lines. so, tony and allison, i think there is still a little bit of optimism here. a couple of the people we talked to in line here said they wanted to come and make sure that they were here for
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the game today because they don't know if they're going to see another playoff game anytime soon. >> don't cry. >> all right. >> there's hope. melanie said so. thanks, mel. speaking of metro, it unveiled its newest model of rail cars. metro says the new cars will be safer and stepping on and off of them will be quicker. the pressure is on metro to replace its oldest cars because the ntsb concluded that they crumple too easily in crashes. so using federal and state money, metro will replace about quarter of its fleet at $2 million each, metro's 7000 series rail cars are designed to be safer than the old ones. the new cars will start coming into the system in about 18 months. why chocolate may be the answer to winning the nobel prize. we'll explain later. and joe biden and paul ryan take center stage tonight, but will they have much sway with undecided voters? and is the obama administration worried that joe may show some attitude? we've got a preview ahead.
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when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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the man who plad a major role in turning around the district's finances in the 1990s has died. economist andrew bremer was the first director of the d.c. control board. the congressionally-mandated panel set up to oversee the financial management of the city. now, his appointment at the time was controversial and it drew the ire of then mayor marrian barry, but d.c.'s huge deficit was turned into a $300 million surplus under bremer's leadership. he was also the first african- american to sit on the federal reserve board. andrew bremer was 86 years old. a strange twist in the case of a missing girl in colorado. a body was found yesterday seven miles from where jessica ridgeway disappeared last friday on her way to school. now, many assume the body was jessica's, but at a news conference just a few moments ago, authorities said the search for the girl continues.
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officials acknowledge the discovery of the body but did not provide any information about that body. authorities believe that jessica was abducted. just two days after jerry sandusky was sentenced for molesting 10 young boys, there is word this morning that his $59,000 annual pension has been revoked. the news comes as we learn more about the letters that the former penn state assistant football coach and his wife sent to the judge before his sentencing. in them they both portrayed themselves as victims of a conspiracy and wrote that the justice system let them down. the new unemployment numbers are out and the headline is a positive one. the labor department says new applications for jobless benefits dropped 30,000 last week to 339,000. that is the lowest level in four years. economists say when the level consistently drops below 375,000, it suggests that hiring is strong enough to lower the unemployment rate.
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tony. allison, the mother of a navy seal who was killed in the recent consulate attack in libya is calling on mitt romney to stop talking about her son on the campaign trail. romney says he will respect her wishes and will not tell voters about sharing christmas dinner with him two years ago. glenn doherty was one of the four americans killed on the u.s. consulate in benghazi last month. in the race for the white house, the obama campaign is looking for a turn around tonight that would come from the hands of vice president joe biden. biden and republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan meet this evening in their one and only debate. the timing couldn't be more urgent for the president with new polls showing mitt romney closing the gap in some key battleground states. surveys from quinnpiac university, cbs news and the new york times show a dead heat in colorado and mitt romney cutting the president's lead in wisconsin in half. fox's doug luzader looks ahead to tonight.
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>>reporter: both vice presidential candidates are heading into tonight's debate with some new poll numbers. this is our brand new fox news poll. it shows that joe biden and paul ryan are pretty evenly matched, within the margin of error as far as their favorability numbers are concerned. but look at the unfavorables. that's where joe biden tonight has some ground to make up. paul ryan arrives in kentucky for his big night, swarmed by supporters. vice president joe biden is scheduled to arrive later today. this one on one between them is getting a lot of build because the stakes are so high after last week's obama/romney debate that may have turned this race on its head. president obama still stinging after what was seen as a weak performance, told abc's "world news" last night that biden just needs to be himself. >> i think joe just needs to be joe. congressman ryan is a smart and effective speaker, but his ideas are the wrong ones and joe understands that.
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>>reporter: while biden does have debate experience, he hasn't been in one in four years. and while ryan is a political veteran, he has never been in a pressure cooker venue like this debate hall. most of the final piece are now in place and unlike last week's debate, the veep candidates will be sitting, something that can make attacks on one another seem all that more personal. earlier in the day in florida, ryan admitted to having some nerves. >> joe biden has been on this stage many times before. this is my first time, so, sure, it's a nervous situation because joe biden is one of the most experienced debaters we have in modern politics, but the achilles heel he has is president obama's record and i'm really looking forward to giving the american people a very clear choice. >>reporter: and the other thing to consider tonight is the moderator. these are the four moderators for each of these four debates. jim lehrer was criticized after last week's debate. a lot of people thought he lost control and that really ups the pressure on abc's martha
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raddatz tonight. she will moderate the v.p. debate. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. most of us eat cereal, it's so good anytime of day. but listen up why there's a recall this morning for mini wheats. that's ahead. plus the latest nobel lawyerate and why you need to eat more chocolate if you want to win the coveted title. it's time to check in with holly. >>reporter: we have chocolate here too. we are talking about treats, more treats than trick when is it comes to fall time creative fun. we are at bits of thread. coming up we have some wonderful fall decorating ideas courtesy of a.c. moore that you and your family are going to want to do later. it's all ahead on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. 
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bittersweet ending for coca- cola. excuse me. coca-cola lovers, as a production of the 6.5-ounce returnable glass bottles have ended. that part is over, tony.
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a small coke bottler in minnesota that filled the bottles says it no longer makes sense to do it from a business standpoint. about 6,000 of the tiny bottles were filled for the very last time. and we'll -- and will be on sale online as a collector's item beginning monday for $20 each. kellogg's has recalled millions of boxes of its popular cereal mini wheats, this after possible contamination from pieces of metal mesh were found. the recall is for the frosted mini wheats bite-sized original and mini wheats unfrosted bite- sized cereal. the company says nearly 3 million boxes are being recalled nationwide. the contamination is being blamed on a "faulty manufacturing part." kellogg's says stores have been notified to pull the boxes from its shelves. a chinese writer is this year's nobel prize literature winner. mo yan was selected by the nobel committee they say because of his mix of fantasy
9:23 am
and reality, folk tales, and contemporary chinese life. mo yan is his pen name. it means don't speak. he says he -- he once said he chose it because he can be frank which is not always welcome inside china, as you know. tomorrow the nobel peace prize winner will be announced. if the united states is looking for nor nobel laureates, then we should start eating more chocolate, according to research in the new england journal of medicine. it says the higher of a country's chocolate consumption, the more nobel laureates percapita. americans would have to eat more pounds of chocolate each year to produce an extra laureate. the swiss lead the pack. >> you know why, delicious swiss chocolate. okay. well, biden versus ryan. >> wisdom is live at american university with a preview of the vice presidential showdown. hey, wisdom. >>reporter: that's right, we're on the campaign trail at campaign u. we're talking about the vice presidential debate.
9:24 am
we're also talking about all these polls that are coming out. we got the student, we got the professor. we have it all when fox 5 morning news continues. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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welcome back. it's 9:26. today could be your lucky day if you're a neumerrology fan. >> i am. >> that's because it's october 11th, 2012. or 10/11/12. so if you really want to have a big deal, set your alarm clock for 7:08:09. i get it, numerologists say the sequence isn't significant, but that hasn't stopped some folks from booking wedding dates and playing the lottery. this type of sequence happens at the beginning of each century. it will end in 2014, but later this year we'll experience 12/12/12. that'll be a good one. next year we'll get -- >> wouldn't this be all of our lucky numbers? >> but you gotta pounce on it.
9:28 am
my question is so should we upset our -- so it's over now, though, right? the alarm clock deal. >> you could set it for later tonight. >> who knew, >> this year we'll get 11/12/13. >> it's kind of cool. >> an interesting little quirk. >> always looking to play the lottery. so, yeah, go for it. >> i gotta play more. it's ridiculous. i have lottery dreams but i never play it. >> i do play it, i never win. i won $10 once. >> that's more than i ever won. that's good. you ever won anything, tuck? >> no. >> unlucky crew over here. oh, well. >> isn't it amazing -- i gotta do the weather. people win it more than once? >> how does that happen? >> interesting. >> shouldn't we have to share? let's do the forecast. speaking of share, maybe the cardinals will share with us in a win today. >> i hope so. >> 4:07, that's game time and
9:29 am
the weather looks perfect. in fact, it will be a little cool out there. temperatures will be in the low 60s, probably around 60 first pitch, falling into the mid-50s here by the end of the game. but it should be nice and dry for you, lots of sunshine, and definitely bring along a jacket because it's going to feel cool in the shade later this afternoon. feeling cool right now, temperature at reagan national 50 degrees at 9:30 in the morning. still got a bit of a breeze out of the north and west as well, so that's going to lock in the cool feel here for us today. it's going to feel very fall like around here for your thursday. 50 in leonardtown, 45 this morning in hagerstown. earlier culpepper got down into the 30s. you're now 50 degrees as well. looking at the satellite and radar. this is what you call a nice, quiet weather pattern. love this time of year. high pressure will move right over our area during the course of the afternoon, so we're looking at bright sunshine throughout the day, quiet weather pattern, nice and cool tonight and a little warmer tomorrow. our next cold front is north and west of chicago. that will do the same thing that the front yesterday did. it'll come through nice and dry for us. so we're not expecting rain around here anytime soon.
9:30 am
in fact, as we get into the weekend, lots of sunshine can be expected both saturday and sunday. high pressure moves overhead later today, keeps us nice and cool. there's your next front for later in the day tomorrow. that will bring us a few clouds, but then high pressure builds back in for the weekend with plenty of sunshine both saturday and sunday. so, again, a nice time of year here in the middle of october. 62 today. much of the area only in the upper 50s, so a nice cool day. winds north and west five to 10. mostly sunny skies. again, cool temperatures for this time of year. we should still be in the low 70s. and there's your accuweather seven day. a little warmer ahead of our front tomorrow, 67, and then we'll cool down just a touch on saturday with highs in the mid- 60s. sunday a little warmer for the redskins game sunday afternoon. maybe a shower on monday, maybe a shower, maybe not. that's a look at weather. that's what you call accuracy. tony and allison over to you. >> accuweather or kind of accuweather. >> thanks, tucker. tonight it's a showdown, are we ready? tonight it's the showdown between joe biden and paul
9:31 am
ryan. >> a new pew poll out just yesterday shows 40% of registered voters think that ryan will do a better job compared to the 34% who think that biden will. wisdom martin joins us live this morning from american university with "campaign u." good morning. >>reporter: good morning tou, allison and tony. we are talking politics as we do every thursday in the classroom, and pfessor lenny stienhorn. this week we're talking about the presidential debate and all the polls and how the narrative is changing in the race for the white house. professor, let's first talk about the polls. all the polls are coming out and it looks like the race has tightend a lot since the last time we talked. >> you even see some national polls with mitt romney ahead which would have been unthinkable a couple of weeks ago. basically last week, whether you think barack obama won or lost or mitt romney won or lost that debate, the media have declared that mitt romney destroyed barack obama at that debate. barack obama was basically oozed sitting there, mitt romney was the incredible thor and all of a sudden you have this narrative of this powerful
9:32 am
romney, articulate romney, moderate romney, bipartisan romney who setting the agenda in this election and that has put the obama team on the defensive, very big on the defensive. so this media narrative has changed and the media narrative has very big power in helping people process what's going , see who's up, see who's down and understand who has the real momentum in the race and that can make a difference come election day. >>reporter: what about the vice presidential debate that's going to take place tonight, how significant is that going to be? >>reporter: well, it may -- >> it may be bigger this time, in part because joe biden has to sort of recover some ground that was perceived to have been lost by the president in the first debate. in essence, joe biden has to take his argument to paul ryan and say you guys aren't moderates, you're more conservative than you say, now defend your record, we don't have to defend ours. and i think they're going to try to turn the tables in this debate, but paul ryan is not just going to be sitting there passively because he knows what happened to the president the last time. so he's going to push back and put all the resnsibility on
9:33 am
this administration. you are going to see a real slug fest between these two, but it's not going to be hostile because they're going to be sitting at a table, so they have to be very sort of aggressive, but polite at the same time. >> now, there's a lot of students in this classroom as well. the professor is going to hang right here. we've got some students we want to talk to. they have already decided -- i'm not going to ask who you're voting for, but they have already decided who they are voting for. that hasn't changed for anybody, right, during this whole process, hanot changed? so what would it take for you to switch sides? is there anything that would make you switch sides? >> yeah. we were talking about this. i think it would take some major announcements of policy reversals with the support of the entire party, possibly violent attacks against the audience. >>reporter: so, basically, no, you're not changing your mind. >> i don't believe so, no. >>reporter: what p you? >> no, i don't think there's anything that could change my mind at this point or really the american public. i think with the oversaturation of the media today has such a
9:34 am
polarization effect on opinions. so people who have made up their minds at this point in the race are probably going to stick to their guns. >>reporter: and you? >> like they said, people have made up their minds, they're going to stick with it. there are a few undecided voters left, but it would take a lot of policy reversals to switch -- to switch my mind, at least. >>reporter: let me throw a curve ball at you all. why do you think the polls have moved if so many people have already made up their minds? >> well, because, we're in a class where a lot of people have, but i don't think that demonstrates that the entire country has. i think there are a lot of people who haven't and can be swayed by the media narrative or by major events like the debate. >> i think also this has caused a big pivot in the race and we are about three or four weeks away from election day so this could be a new defining moment where people are making up their minds. >> i think the media narrative has really taken hold and the people who are on the fence could have switched their -- or could have just said they're more likely to vote for romney now because that seems like
9:35 am
he's ahead in the polls. >>reporter: now, the interesting part is -- i asked you guys and the professor asked this question as well, do you know anybody who's undecided at this point out of all the people you know, relatives, the whole nine yards, any undecided people? anybody? >> we sort of live in a bit of a bubble like everybody does and i think our bubble in students are going to be especially partisan and decided already. >>reporter: it's interesting because i ask anybody in the classroom if they were undecided. is anybody in this classroom right now undecided? i'm not asking who you're voting for, are you undecided? nobody in the classroom is undecided. do you know people who are undecided? anybody who knows people that are undecided? >>reporter: two people. >> a few, huh, that's not a lot. >>reporter: three people who know people who are undecided. how big a deal is the undecided vote? you said regardless of these people have made up their mind, other people have made up their mind, but the independent vote is key.
9:36 am
>> in wisconsin, the difference in wisconsin in the year 2000 was 6,000 votes. you can -- and the difference in florida, remember, in the year 2000 was 500 some odd votes. enough independents can turn, change, change their minds, come out to vote because they were leaning one way or another, that can make all the difference in a close state. and, remember, this is an electoral college vote, so the national public opinion polls mean a lot less than what's happening in the states. now, still the president is ahead in the -- in a number of these states but you're really seeing this race close in some key battlegrounds and that's what we have to keep our eyes on. >>reporter: that's a wrap from "campaign u." we are streaming live on the web at tony and allison, back to you. >> thanks, wisdom. the bullies may not want to go up against this guy. find out which world champion boxer is coming home to raise awareness. plus it turns out the bead -- the beibs have a star- studded family. how he is connected to celine
9:37 am
dion and others next in "the buzz bin." [ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions
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a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message.
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in "the buzz bin," sugar ray leonard returns home to maryland. the boxing legend is promoting several youth programs on a news conference at prince george's county police headquarters this afternoon. they include an anti-bullying program, the first lady's "let's move" campaign and literacy pro motion. he's also -- he'll also talk about educational opportunities through his sugar ray leonard boxing center. leonard grew up in palmer park. now, you may take your cell phone with you when you go out to the bar. that's totally normal. >> yes, it is. but we are not sure what to think of this next photo. robert pattinson was captured drilling a hole in a table while out in new york city. a fan took this picture and posted it to twitter with the caption memories from last night. robert pattinson using power tools. new york never ceases to
9:41 am
surprise. >> where was it? >> i don't know. with no background, it's kind of hard to put that into context x right? people all over the planet are relate inside one way or another, we know that. now researchers at say they have discovered that teen idol justin beiber is a distant cousin of some other famous canadaians. they announced that he is related to ryan gossling, pop singer avril la vigne, dating back to some of quebec's earliest settlers 400 years ago. an says he is -- says he is also related to celine dion. he's also related to our gwent talker. >> there you go. celebrating spanish heritage month. coming up a special event next week honors latino servicemen and women who have served our nation. learn more about stars, stripes and a heart at the event of stars, stripes and salsa next. and you don't have to spend
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a lot of money to decorate for halloween or thanksgiving. holly is showing us some trendy do-it-yourself projects when we come back. stay with us. are you ready ? share everything by turning your smartphone into a mobile hotspot for up to 8 wifi-enabled devices at no extra charge. like the new droid razr m by motorola only $99.99. a family can make...
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realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message.
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just look at me. okay. many in our area will gather at the -- you don't have to do it right now, at the warner theater monday evening on the 15th to celebrate hispanic heritage month. you too can be a part of the big celebration. it is called stars, stripes and salsa and it promises to be an extraordinary event honoring hispanic servicemen and women for their courage and their devotion to duty. joining us now with more is the organizer lynette spano. she's the founder. >> how are you? >> of stars, stripes and hearts. but the event is stars, stripes and salsa because there'll be lots of good music, too, right? [ speaking spanish ] he's
9:46 am
doing a 30-second message and yankee is going to be doing something for us on radio. >> cool. >> next year of course we're going to do a larger venue so we can have more artists involved. >> i want to back up and talk about -- you also do stars, stripes and hearts but also the president and ceo of csi consulting -- >> sci. >> because of the show, sorry about that. but tell us about how everything works in concert and your main mission, what your goal is. >> i started a company, i don't want to date myself, but over a decade, and i've had a very successful career. the organization is a federal government i.p. contractor, servicing both homeland security and the department of management and other agencies. and having great success stories, my mom said, you know, you gotta help the kids in the neighborhood, you know, you're latino, you gotta help the latino kids. and so i five years ago formed a nonprofit to foster the development of young latino kid
9:47 am
in the inner city environments. and so i started this organization to foster the development in sports because i'm a former athlete. i was a gym newscast living in the get -- a gymnast, living in the getos of new york city which i think probably saved my life, the sports. i go overseas to show them another world, here's an opportunity, look at me. i came from nothing and you can do it too in terms of your focus and you're clear about where you're going, you can be very successful and i contracted viral meningitis. >> which is all in the news now, so we know how dangerous it is. but you sit here today a survivor, also overcame a brain aneurysm. >> yes. >> to do this good work. i was going to list some of the awards but lynette has a page and a half of accolades as far as the good stuff that you've been doing, one of the most successful latino spreurs, you've heard from the washington business journal, the list goes on and on. and so now the effort, though, is in honors servicemembers, men and women. >> right. so i spent four years, with the
9:48 am
aneurysm bleed, i had an operation at the mayo clinic and it took me four years of recovery and i survived. i really want to do something for soldiers coming home because they also have brain trauma. so last year i was invited to an event with bob woodruff. so bob, his wife formed this foundation to honor 80 american soldiers that had trauma. so i went to the event at the reagan building, and no arms and no limbs, under 20 years old. i was mortified and i looked and began looking, like, wow, i wonder what's happening with latino soldiers. so i left the event pretty moved and began doing my internet search and calling on some of my staff members to help me determine what is happening with latino hispanic soldiers and learned very quickly that there wasn't much and that latino soldiers are coming home with ptsd, large recipients of ptsd, more of them are dying in the front
9:49 am
lines, and culturally the post- traumatic trauma, it's cultural and everybody is writing about it how, you know, there's a cultural impact on who is getting more of this ptsd syndrome, so i called on a number of foundations because i said i don't want to reinvent the wheel, there's already 43,000 organizations, latinos love their families, they love their food and they love their music, it would be great if we could do a concert. so i called around and they said you do the concert and we'll float you the money. i said, no, i don't think i want to do that. i said, you know what, i'm going to start my own foundation, stars, stripes and hearts and i'm going to put out an event called stars, stripes and salsa. i'm going to bring in the latin artists. nobody is really doing it. it is really to -- we are a catalyst in the lives of latino hispanic soldiers to help them reintegrate and to be -- to reintegrate not only with their communities and their families, but also in our society. >> let me get in -- because our
9:50 am
time is so fleeting, but a special guest we have, radolpho hernandez is one of four living medal of honor recipients you will be recognizing. and there's his picture, served in the korean war. >> yes. he's 81 years old, he's a medal of honor latino in the korean war, so we will be honoring him. and we have someone coming in to give him that honor. we are going to be doing this event, it'll be one annual event every year, hispanic heritage month to honor and recognize latino hispanic soldiers. now, we are in the business of producing concerts as a means to raise money to give to those organizations that are doing evidence-based programs for latino hispanics and their families. so we're very excited, the tickets are very reasonable at the warper theater at ticket master. >> they are still on sale, $30. it's monday, the 15th. i urge you to go to the website, we will link to
9:51 am
lynette's organization. you also need to check out the warrior's wall, something else you invented. it'll be successful, i just know. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. >> actually, i'll take it here. thank you, allison. halloween crafts get a whole new look this morning from costumes to crafts and even festive snacks. holly morris is getting in the fall spirit help from diy experts. she is at bits of threads sewing studio live in adams morgan. hey, holly. >>reporter: hi, tony. if you do these with your kids, it'll get them excited not only about the fall season but halloween obviously coming up, a little more than two weeks from that date. robin is back with us, she's the a.c. moore education director and she tells us how to find all these wonderful products and really put them to good creative use which is amazing. a lot of fun. >> one of the things we do a lot with is it's called deco mesh and it comes in different forms. there's these rolls. what's neat is they come in different colors and see how they're irdessent and shiny.
9:52 am
>> seems like the deco mesh is a relatively new thing. >> it's making itself known. and then it comes in ribbon. but see how it's neat with that foil type of a look. >>reporter: i have seen it in the ribbon before. >> and the tubing which we were showing you before. this is a fun thing. look at this little spider. and he's so cute, and what's neat is you put it around a styrofoam ball and the trick with it is and what you can do is take a chenille stem or a pipe cleaner and you stick it in part way and what that does is that helps it twist. >>reporter: it's almost like wired ribbon. >> exactly. so then what you do is hot glue it around and you just keep turning it. now you don't have to worry about this stem pause it'll be in place and you just keep wrapping it and wrapping it. >>reporter: so the chenille stem is just for the beginning. >> just for the beginning and you do it on the end and we have a whole lot more things you can do with it. >>reporter: may i say that this is the only time a spider would be cute. >> i'm right there with you.
9:53 am
we have this book halloween deco mesh, it's only $1, it's got instructions, patterns and things. so, you know, everybody can do things for around the house. >>reporter: you know i say this all the time, but what is so great about this is, you know, here's the product, but this helps you envision what you can actually do with it. and then this can maybe inspire you to come up with your own things. >> here's the hat, the witch's hat, and it's just wrapped and knotted around and then the tubing goes around. but how fun is that? and the thing is that the deco mesh is also -- it's water proof and weather proof. >> doesn't matter what the weather is. >> it can go outside. >>reporter: i was going to put this on. >> hey, you can do that as a hat. >>reporter: be a very cute witch. >> definitely a lot of fun. >> and it's just ingenius things, like, again, putting the chenille stem on and it made the vine. that was put all the way through and then twisted and turned, but it's just the light, the way it hits it. anybody can do this and in
9:54 am
their home it would look great. >>reporter: it would look good if you are having a night party or a day party, like you said. these are good, but let's talk treats. >> let's talk treats. so what we have, you know, carmel apples are always wonderful and this carmel, it's great, you can put it in the microwave and then you just put it in a bigger bowl, you can put it in the melter and just dip it, but then you can make those fancies by just drizzling some of the chocolate and then we have different -- like this is butter toffee on here or we also have the marsh dll mallows which we were showing before. you just put the marshmallow on the stick and this is the melted candy wavers, and they're -- wafers. and they're good. kids can do this, what a fun thing for a party and you can just dip them into the different sprinklers. >> it can be an activity for the party and a treat for the party at the same time. >> definitely. here's one of the things i saw that's fun. these are the different pops you can make. one of the things we want to show is for football. how much fun would it be
9:55 am
because we have all different colors, so you don't have to do chocolate, you can do your team's colors. >>reporter: all right. >> so you can make gifts. >>reporter: these should be burgundy and gold. >> yes, they can be. >>reporter: my question with this -- because i always know when you're working with chocolate or even carmel, you have to be careful because you can burn it. >> well, the thing is that this is a candy, and it's not like a tempered chocolate, so it's much more forgiving and that's what's nice when you're working with the melter is that as long as -- you just don't want to get it mixed with any water, and it melts and coats and it's got a great flavor. so it's not -- >>reporter: it's not actually chocolate, so maybe a little more forgiving on the waistline? >> yes. well, i don't know about that. but we don't care. we don't. >>reporter: robin, thank you so much. all of your ideas are so, so wonderful. we appreciate you taking the trip. >> happy halloween, everyone. >>reporter: we have a link and pits of thread where we are live, check out both for all wonderful creative ideas.
9:56 am
back to you all in the studio. sounds lightning we'll have more after the break -- it sounds like we'll have more after the break. financially stable. we were poor. the mgm casino in michigan. and it changed her life. clerk. way up. insurance... and i make great money. seven will create... twelve thousand jobs. to accountants... and construction workers. place to work with good pay... question seven.
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wouldn't we see it in his priorities? hey, are you looking for a new furry friend to add to your family? adopt-apalooza takes place from 4:00 to 6:00 this morning at discovery communications gardens in super springs -- silver spring. it is hosted by communications and animal planet. dozens of cats and dogs will be available, the event is part of a national campaign for national animal shelter awareness. >> talk about cute and cuddly. check out angel. hello you gorgeous gool. she's a 10-week-old pomeranian mix. adorable. if you would like your pet to be chosen as the pet of the day, log onto and click on mornings. i dare you to bring one cuter than angel. >> angel has nicer clothes than me. there's your seven-day. going to be
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